Customer Insights : Voice recognition and predictive text Analytics

Analytics becoming the boon for improving customer insights. Analytics have been evolved from data analytics to text to speech analytics. With changing technology and data collection format also changed.

Is new predictive text analysis with deep learning helping the or is it creating complexity or easing the difficulty of users.The release of native text analytics capabilities, designed to extend insights delivered Tags and identifies Labels recommendations in input message and performs essential supposition examination, characterizing messages as positive, negative, or impartial and shading coding the item's assertion cloud perceptions. These capacities are a long way from way breaking, be that as it may. They and more have been accessible in driving statistical surveying and client encounter (CX) programming instruments for over 10 years despite the fact that their application for examination of client network input — not the same as general overview, internet based life, and contact-focus investigations — isn't so normal. 

However, these speech recognition and text input suggestions are slowly changing and disruption communication also some how may rule idea of thinking. With times, people might face difficulties in framing the sentences independently, like how to people are struggling to remember mobile number with complete dependency on mobile contacts. On the contrary product like alexa, making life simpler with its voice recognition technology for providing the services.Companies trying to understand the mood, psychology with the analysis of text, choice selection, voice modulation for providing better experience in terms of their services. 
Let’s see how far this voice recognition analysis and text analytics provides insights in bringing the revolution in the providing better customer experience


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